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Mii Cosmetics:
The brand is inspired by the millions of women who care about their appearance and want durable, skin-friendly and sophisticated cosmetics at important moments of their lives as well as everyday.
High quality 100% mineral cosmetics that take care of the skin, heal, nourish and soothe, as well as provide a full range of make-up cosmetics.
Cosmetics are intended for professional use as well as for everyday use at home.


Proto-Col is a British company brand specializing in high quality products based on collagen skin care products, mineral cosmetics, high quality nutritional products for daily health and wellness. For more than 15 years, Proto-col has been a global leader in health and beauty care technology that has been scientifically researched to create the right products for every human lifestyle. The brand has paid special attention to the needs of active people and professional athletes. The brand offers high quality nutrients under intense load.

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